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Terms & Conditions




The Turbochargers / Injectors can be collected in person at Atom Car Parts Ltd. in Milton Keynes or London - depending on stock location.

Atom Car Parts Ltd. can your order for Free Within UK and Ireland.

International buyers, please contact us before you buy.

Phone: 07565292577 or email:



All turbochargers are sold on an exchange basis.  Atom Car Parts Ltd. requires the old unit as part of the transaction and it is a condition of sale and validity of warranty.

 If there is no old unit given back at the time of the transaction a deposit will be added to the price and refunded once the old unit has been returned.  Old unit must be completed and not dismantled.  If there is an electronic actuator it must come in good and undamaged condition.  Units which have been damaged ( smashed, crushed ) in a vehicle collision are not accepted.

Please note that warranty will be void if the old unit is not returned within three weeks from purchase.



Atom Car Parts Ltd. offers a 24 months warranty for all turbochargers and fuel Injectors with no mileage limit.

Please note and understand that our warranty is subject to our terms & conditions of sale and it is Turbocharger Only warranty.  The warranty does  NOT cover labour charges or any others consequential expenses and vehicle’s damages caused by incorrect installation.

The warranty will be void if the old unit is not returned within three weeks from purchase.


The warranty will not be recognised, if the following terms are not met:

1. !!! Before starting up the turbocharger remove a defect, which caused necessity to make a repair or replacement of the turbocharger !!!

2. Check the pressure in the grease lubrication unit.

        3. Replace engine oil and filters (oil, air) in the engine.

        4. Check tightness of the conduits connecting the inlet manifold.

5. In order to tighten the oil conduits only use gaskets made of klingerite or asbestos.

6. !!! Before start-up of the engine with a new turbocharger, the oil tank of the turbocompressor must be filled up with the engine oil to ensure that bearings of the turbine are properly greased at the start-up!!!

7. You should remove the oil sump and clean the oil pump unit (the inlet conduits and the intercooler should be cleaned) and check the tightness of the assembly.

        8. Mandatory replacement of oil conduits – an inlet and an outlet one of the turbocompressor - with new ones.

        9. After installing the turbocompressor, the first change of oil should be made after 6500 miles, regardless of the recommendations of the manufacturer.

       10. Keep proof of purchase of oil, oil filter and air filter available for inspection, in case of a complaint.


The warranty becomes void if seal is broken

The warranty becomes void if any type of sealing materials (silicon or other) is used at oil or exhaust connections.

The warranty becomes void if it has not been signed and filled in by a car repair workshop, which installs the turbocompressor.

The turbocharger installed in another car, than the one it was designed for or self-willed repairs, alternations and constructional changes are made by the user or other unauthorised persons, the warranty becomes void. Warranty repair does not extend the warranty period.

In case of unjustified complaint the customer shall bear the cost of inspection of the turbocompressor.

The complaint is considered, after it has been delivered along with this warranty card to the customer service point indicated in the heading of this warranty within 21 days.

In case of complaint the warranty does not cover the cost of shipment (delivery and receipt).

The Atom Car Parts company guarantees to the purchaser that in case of justified warranty, the defects will be removed free-of-charge within:

21 days from the date of receipt of the damaged turbocompressor

30 days, if importation of spare parts from abroad is required

In case of loss or wear of the warranty card, the right to warranty is lost.

In case of any other disputable issues, the regulations of the Civil Code shall be applied



We would like to offer Free Post & Package within the UK and Ireland for all Turbochargers and Fuel Injectors.

We sent the items as soon as possible after receiving the full payment. If it is before 3 p.m. we will send it the same day and you should receive it within 24 hours.

Delivery times are provided by the carrier, excluding weekends and bank holidays, and may vary with package origin and destination, particularly during peak periods.

International buyers, please contact us before you buy.

Please call us for more information on 07565292577.